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Sex Crimes

In most sex crime cases you will be accused by the victim or victim's family and then contacted by law enforcement. This is when you need a criminal lawyer most. If you are in this situation, call Jeremy Dodgion immediately. If you don't see your particular case listed on our website or have any other questions, please don't hesitate to call 614-443-2494 to learn how Mr. Dodgion can help you. The sex crimes listed below include the most common sexual accusations.



Usually defined as sexual penetration without consent. A charge of rape is a felony offense and is an extremely serious charge. A conviction on this charge often carries penalties including jail or prison time, counseling, community service, parole, and lifetime registration as a sexual offender.


Sex with a Minor

Sexual acts with a minor under the age of 18. Even if the minor gives consent it is considered a form of rape because by legal definition, a minor is unable to give consent.


Sexual Assualt

This includes any unwanted physical contact with a sexual organ. The contact is considered unwanted if the victim did not consent, was incapable of consenting, or rejected the contact.


Date Rape

Non-consensual sex acts between people who know each other, usually in a social engagement. Although the two are acquainted and the engagement or date was agreed to by both, this is not considered a defense against the charge.


Sexual Harassment

Generally, any unwanted sexual behavior. These charges can come from unwanted physical contact, propositions, communication, or sexual comments.


Indecent Exposure

Also covers lewd conduct, these charges cover public sexual acts or public exposure of the genitals.


Solicitation of Prostitution

Usually charged as a misdemeanor, these charges involve the exchange of money for sexual acts or asking for sex acts in exchange for money. Punishment may include fines, community service, jail, and may result in loss of employment if your job requires a license or security clearance.



Any act performed for sexual gratification that does not include penetration. Generally reserved for children, these charges can destroy lives and is considered a felony with severe legal and social punishments.


Child Sexual Abuse

In most states, three or more instances of child molestation is considered child abuse. Touching is not required. People who are convicted of child sexual abuse or molestation can face serious penalties, such as life in prison. Sexual child abuse can include pressuring a child for sex or using a child for pornography.


Child Pornography

Distributing or exhibiting pornographic depictions of children under the age of 18. This is considered a felony.


Failure to Register

The United States requires sex felons to register as such, in order to allow authorities to keep track of them and provide information for the public about sex offenders. Although it may not seem like a serious matter, failure to register as a sex offender is considered an extremely serious crime.

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