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Federal Crimes

Federal Crime typically involves wire frauds, mail frauds, accounting frauds, insider trading, securities frauds, tax frauds, crimes that involve federal benefits, immigration law violations, controlled substance violations, bank robberies or larcenies, firearm violations, child pornography, counterfeiting, or crimes committed on federal properties.


Federal white collar crimes may be strongly pursued by the FBI or other federal agencies. Corporate fraud charges could involve false accounting entries, false trading, self-dealing by corporate insiders, misuse of corporate property, or procurement fraud. Other federal white collar crimes include money laundering, bribery, foreign corrupt practices, price manipulation, and export controls violations.


Moreover, federal crimes are also found in the health care field. There may be fraud involved with medical transportation, pharmaceutical drugs, durable medical equipment, hospital or surgery center cost reporting, theft of medical data or other fraud managed by the use of computers.


Whether you are guilty of a federal crime or innocent, you deserve the best criminal defense attorney. If you have been accused of a federal crime, and NOT YET CHARGED, please contact Jeremy Dodgion immediately so that he can assist you during the pre-file investigation stage of the criminal process. Mr. Dodgion is often able to negotiate on your behalf, creating a buffer between you and the FBI so that your inexperience dealing with such agencies is not used against you later on.

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