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Judicial Process

Investigation and Consultation
It is not uncommon for a citizen to receive a detective's business card at their door or otherwise become aware that law enforcement wants to speak with them. If this happens to you, please contact Jeremy Dodgion immediately. Mr. Dodgion represents clients in the initial investigation and discovery phase of criminal cases. read more


Jury Trial
Jeremy Dodgion is a criminal defense attorney who has spent years in the trenches of trial work, learning how to present evidence and arguments to juries. In that time period, he has earned a reputation for fighting for his clients in court. read more
Pretrial Netogiation and Disposition
Somewhere around 95%-97% of cases settle before trial on a national average. Any attorney who tells you he takes every client's case to trial is either lying or completely reckless with his client's interests. Quite simply, most cases settle without ever getting in front of a jury. read more
Expungents and Pardons
If you have a criminal history which is precluding you from employment opportunities, or is simply embarrassing to you and you want to clear or seal that record, call Jeremy Dodgion today. Ohio and federal law allows for the sealing of adult and juvenile records, sealing old criminal accusations and convictions, and if appropriate, pardons or a certificate of rehabilitation. read more
On occasion, Jeremy Dodgion also represents clients on Writs and Appeals. He has the experience necessary to achieve success on your behalf. read more

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