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Investigation and Consultation

It is not uncommon for a citizen to receive a detective's business card at their door or otherwise become aware that law enforcement wants to speak with them. If this happens to you, please contact Jeremy Dodgion immediately. Mr. Dodgion represents clients in the initial investigation and discovery phase of criminal cases. If you feel you have become the target of an investigation, it is imperative that you obtain representation immediately.

This usually happens when the police are provided information which is either inaccurate or incomplete and they are following up to see if you are willing to speak with them. Generally, if you have information for the police, it won't hurt to either have a lawyer present or at least consult with a lawyer before speaking to the police. The last thing you need is an overzealous police officer, or detective, misconstruing your side of the story.


Jeremy Dodgion often speaks with investigating officers, whether they are patrol officers or detectives, to determine if it is in a client's best interest to cooperate or simply remain silent. Often, if a warrant has been issued or an arrest is imminent, Jeremy Dodgion can coordinate a surrender with prearranged bail so that his clients can be released in a matter of hours, rather than days.


If you feel that law enforcement is investigating you, please do not hesitate to contact Jeremy Dodgion for a consultation before you are arrested. If appropriate, Mr. Dodgion may be able to speak with the investigating officer or prosecuting attorney who will be reviewing the investigation to determine if charges are appropriate. The earlier Jeremy Dodgion is involved in the case, the more effective he can usually be.

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