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Expungements and Pardons

If you have a criminal history which is precluding you from employment opportunities, or is simply embarrassing to you and you want to clear or seal that record, call Jeremy Dodgion today. Ohio and federal law allows for the sealing of adult and juvenile records, sealing old criminal accusations and convictions, and if appropriate, pardons or a certificate of rehabilitation.


Each of these remedies apply only in certain circumstances and require a different showing of evidence to the court, the governor, or the President of the United States. If you have an old case which you want to clear up, contact Mr. Dodgion to discuss which applies to your circumstances and how to get it cleared from your record. Not all matters can be expunged.


Jeremy Dodgion offers reasonable rates for expungements, pardons and petitions to seal records. Contact Mr. Dodgion today to get that monkey off your back and move forward with your life.

1188 South High Street * Columbus, Ohio 43206  *  614-443-2494 *

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