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Somewhere around 95%-97% of cases settle before trial on a national average.


Any attorney who tells you he takes every client's case to trial is either lying or completely reckless with his client's interests. Quite simply, most cases settle without ever getting in front of a jury.


Many clients retain Jeremy Dodgion in an effort to get "the best deal" they can from the system. Quite simply, sometimes clients are facing criminal charges because they made a bad decision or allowed themselves to be caught up in bad circumstances because of poor choices.


It is also not uncommon for folks to get arrested for either drug use or other crimes because they are addicts or in need of some other form of therapy or assistance.


As an advocate, Jeremy Dodgion strives to make the machinery of the courts slow down and listen to the circumstances surrounding an arrest or allegation. It is often very relevant to the court that a client is an otherwise good person who may have made an isolated bad decision.


If you or a loved one are facing charges, and don't feel that it is necessary to fight the case all the way through jury trial, please do not hesitate to call Jeremy Dodgion. Mr. Dodgion may still be able to help by negotiating a better resolution of your case, offering alternatives to jail time such as residential treatment or getting the court to understand who you are as a person, rather than simply looking at the crime.

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