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Jury Trial

Jeremy Dodgion is a criminal defense attorney who has spent years in the trenches of trial work, learning how to present evidence and arguments to juries. In that time period, he has earned a reputation for fighting for his clients in court.


Many cases settle; however, there are simply cases that must be tried before a jury either because the charges and penalties are so severe or because the allegations are simply untrue or over charged.


Often times a client will be aware that they did something wrong, but the government has over charged their case or is unwilling to listen to reasonable information about the case that explains the circumstances. In these instances, the only way to take the power away from the government is to take the case to the people by jury trial.


Trials can occur before either a jury of eight to twelve citizens or a judge. It is important to consult with your attorney about whether your matter is better suited for a jury or a judge. There are advantages to either approach, depending on the circumstances and facts of each particular case.


Jeremy Dodgion stands ready to defend his clients in court by trial when necessary. Every case is different and by no means can or should a competent attorney promise you a particular outcome in litigation. Please contact Jeremy Dodgion today to analyze and discuss the strengths of your case.

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