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If you or someone you know has been accused, charged, or arrested for a crime, your reputation isn't the only thing at stake. The outcome of your criminal case could cost you a lot of money, jail time, and may literally impact the rest of your life. Contact experienced criminal defense attorney Jeremy Dodgion today.


Mr. Dodgion has handled some tough cases ranging from drug possession to homicide. He makes sure that whatever strategy you choose to pursue, it is the one that is in your best interest. If it is negotiating, he will do that. If it's going to take a court battle, he won't back down - not when your freedom and your rights are on the line.


What are you waiting for?
If you are under investigation for a crime, if you've been arrested for or are facing a charge of anything from domestic battery to sexual assault, it is critical that you get honest, practical, legal advice from Jeremy Dodgion, a reliable criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Call 614-443-2494 for your free initial consultation.

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